Whether you have never visited the zoo or have been there a hundred times, you will begin to see transformations occurring throughout the zoo.

Construction of the new arctic fox exhibit is completed!  This improvement relocated the pheasants to the vacant pen at the south end of the zoo and enlarged the arctic fox exhibit.  It also created a “natural” home for them within the rocks where they can be protected from the elements.

This is the second of a four step project to replace the fencing on the current habitats.  Each habitat will be enlarged to give the animals more space.  The next step of the project is to update the bobcat exhibit, including created a separated space where they can be fed or quarantined.  This also provides safety for park workers to enter the pen.

We’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of Bruemmer Park Zoo and the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County.  Each construction project is funded 100% by donations.