Whether you have never visited the zoo or have been there a hundred times, you will begin to see transformations occurring throughout the zoo.

Construction of the new goat and sheep fencing is completed!  This improvement created a safer environment for the animals as people can no longer easily get into the pen.  In addition, it gives the animals much more space, including grass to graze in.

This is the first of a four step project to replace the fencing on the current habitats.  Each habitat will be enlarged to give the animals more space.  The next step of the project is to relocate the pheasants to the south exhibit which is currently vacant and create a new artic fox exhibit for Buddy and Jewel that would include the space currently occuppied by the pheasants and artic foxes.

Other work that has been completed at the zoo in the past year by the Zoological Society of Kewaunee County include: installation of corn feeders, installation of benches, landscaping, removal of the old bear pen including lawn restoration, repainting of the goat and sheep pen building, and removal of the interior pen dividers in the goat and sheep pen building to provide the animals with more space where they are protected from the elements.